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Bag Basket
(Great to use as a gift basket, to cover a vase full of flowers and use as a lunch basket)

Bottom Size: 8" L x 5" W x 8 3/4" H
Top measurement: 7 3/4" L x 4 1/2" W


  • 1/2" F Cut 5 @ 30" each for the length spokes
  • 1/2" F Cut 8 @ 27" each for the width spokes
  • 1/2" F Used for the weavers
  • 1/4" FO Used for weavers
  • 1/2" FO 56" for inside and outside rim
  • 3/16" FO 75" for the lashing
  • #4 ROUND 25" to go between the inside and outside rim
  • Jelly Jar handle or any 4"-4 1/2" notched handle
    1. Always soak the reed in water till you can fold without the reed splitting.

    2. Mark the centers of the spokes on the wrong side (the wrong side is the one that will splinter more when bent in half)

    3. Lay out the base with the over/under weave using the 1/2"F that was cut (use a scrap piece of 1/2" reed to use as a spacer in between the spokes). The base should measure 5" x 8" SPRAY SPOKES WITH WATER TO KEEP WET. Upset the spokes to start the sides (bend each spoke over the bottom of the basket base. Use clothes pens in the corners to hold in place.

    4. With the 1/2" F start weaving the 1ST row, starting behind a spoke, making sure that the spoke on the bottom of the basket is on the opposite side. When finished with the row, hide the weaver behind the beginning point and hiding over 3RD  SPOKE. Weave a total of 6 rows with the 1/2"F and the next 21 rows with the 1/4"FO. (I like to pull the 1ST couple of rows of 1/4"FO a little tighter to make the basket go in a little). All rows need to be packed down well.

    5. Be sure the basket is wet. Cut the inside spokes flush with the basket and the rest of the spokes so they can be hidden behind a weaver about 2" to 2 1/2" going toward the inside of the basket. Tuck the spokes behind the 1/4" weaver using a butter knife or weaver rite tool to help hold the weavers out.

    6. Insert handle. Cut the 1/2"FO to fit around the basket with about 2 1/2" in excess. Do the same for the inside of the basket. Trim and sand the lap over area. Clip together both the inside and outside rim of the basket. Cut the round reed to fit between the two. Be sure all fits together well. Take the 3/16"FO and hide between the the inside and outside rim (I usually go up and down once over the last row woven) make sure that the rounded part of the lashing will be showing when going over the rim. Go between each spoke-pulling tight. End lashing by hiding the same way it was started.

    7. The basket has to be shaped to look like a bag. Be sure the basket is well soaked-at least the top half. It's very easy to do-just hold on to the end of the basket and take your index finger and push in on the center spoke (3rd one) and fold like a bag looks.

    8. Hope you enjoy